We no longer present him, the famous steam straightener which still has not found a competitor. Released several years ago, the L’Oréal Steampod has captured the hearts of all those who dreamed of straight hair. But why did this hair straightener steal the show from all the other brands? Because the Steampod uses steam to smooth! Beyond the simple gadget, the use of hot steam really changes the texture and smoothness of the hair in favor of an extraordinarily softer, shinier and silkier material! Unbeatable, the Steampod has remained the market leader since its release. The latest version, Steampod V3, still delivers these same stunning results with the added benefit of being more ergonomic and easier to use. In the Steampod 3.0, the steam is also better distributed and better concentrated, which further optimizes the straightening and heals the hair more.