Pro Longer
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She just went out ; the all new Expert Series Pro Longer range is here! Available on, of course. But what could L’Oréal Professionnel have invented "because you are worth it"? PRO LONGER; two words to define the latest L’Oréal range, whose products seem to keep their promises. The credo? Long hair, without compromise. Because today, length does not have to rhyme with lack of body, lack of volume and loss of hair condition. So, through the Pro Longer shampoo and all the other treatments in the range, the lengths are renewed, the ends filled and it is finally possible to combine length AND thickness (all with neat ends)! What do we take away from this range that is truly unlike any other? The provision of a "tip filler concentrate", a real gem in an ampoule highly concentrated in Filler-A100. It is applied to the ends and instantly and durably thickens the fiber on the last few centimeters of the hair. These single-dose ampoules reinforce the Pro Longer treatment that is applied like a ritual, where each product has its capital importance. In short, Pro Longer is the line needed by all those who have long hair and / or who want to grow their hair without having to face these problems; lack of density, refined ends, lack of volume and damaged lengths. The ultimate range that must be tested to obtain longer, thicker and healthier hair!