Power Mix
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Already tested L’Oréal Professionnel Power Mix skincare products? This is what Power Mix is; a treatment based on powerful active ingredients that you develop yourself according to your hair needs. Essentially used in hairdressing salons, the Power Mix system has two rather rare advantages; 1. the possibility of creating your own personalized treatment. 2. A mixture of active ingredients (powermix base + additive of your choice) whose effects are deployed when mixing, which turns into a creamy material close to the texture of a mask. The great thing about Power Mix is the fact that the ingredients are mixed at the time of use, causing the formulas to be activated and "awakened" as the treatment becomes even deeper. Another advantage, this professional hair care is simple to perform: the mixing is easy, we associate a base dose of Powermix with a dose of additive (1/1) that we choose according to our needs (Force, Color, Liss , Repair, etc.).