Do you know the Orofluido Original treatments? Already tested "The Original Elixir"? Flagship line of the Orofluido brand, these professional quality hair care products stand out from their counterparts for two main reasons: 1. The presence of an alloy of three highly dosed natural oils (argon, chypre and flax). 2. The care given to the scents that emerge from these hair products made to perfume your entire hair with exotic, woody, bewitching and unique scents. It is not only a question of treating the hair in depth, it is also a question of offering them a real "hair beauty treatment". The objectives of the care of this line? Provide a velvety texture to the hair, hydrate it deeply and treat it over the long term to reveal all its beauty and softness. The little extra? Remarkable lightness and shine. A new kind of treatment to try absolutely, with, as a bonus, a sensory escape!