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Metal DX - Metal Detox: Série Expert offers you a professional guarantee to better understand all colors and discolorations. As we know, during coloring, bleaching and sweeping, the presence of excess metal can cause breakage and irregularity of the color result. To overcome this, the new range (2021) L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert Metal DX neutralizes the metal inside the fiber and detoxifies the hair. At the heart of Metal Detox treatments, Glicoamine. Thanks to its small size, this chelating agent is able to penetrate within the fiber to neutralize and detoxify the hair from the metal. It is the only active agent that is small enough to trap and neutralize the metal inside the fiber. The integrity of the fiber is preserved, the color is controlled and the oxidant can fully deploy its action. As for the results; -87% case and 100% optimized color result. This range is compatible with all brands of coloring or discoloration.