Fusio Dose
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Fusio Dose is a set of ultra-concentrated boosters to mix freely to design your tailor-made hair care. Designed by Kérastase, this range allows you to create a treatment perfectly adapted to the needs of your hair. It is therefore a personalized and very high quality treatment, a unique and innovative formula, often used by professional hairdressers. But how is this new type of care different from traditional hair care? Fusio Dose combinations are associated with a hair diagnosis. The principle is simple; you must first analyze your hair type and the needs that come with it in order to create your own Fusio Dose. Then, we combine a booster and a concentrate to create a truly personalized treatment. The treatment is therefore more effective, it responds better to the requirements of the hair and is more durable (this because the active ingredients present in the Fusio Dose are highly concentrated).