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Best electric shaver for women? You asked yourself that question, too. Our opinion on Braun; in terms of hair, the brand with the capital A stands out from its counterparts. On the program, Silk-expert Pro (pulsed light epilator), Silk-épil (electric shaver) and FaceSpa Pro. Three devices that take care of removing / removing body hair, essential tools for real hair removal (you know, the one that lasts and the one that does not grow back coarse and unsightly hair). What do we like about these latest devices? Their effectiveness. Indisputable, radical, capable of removing the finest, shortest and most discreet hairs. And that's exactly why Braun epilators are popular; when the hair is properly and completely removed, the legs (like all other parts of the body) are softer, noticeably smoother, and so much more beautiful. The little extra from Braun? Devices as beautiful as jewels! The ultimate trendy and stylish accessories that can be proudly displayed in the bathroom, by the bathtub, etc. ... And now hair removal is fun on every level!