Curl Manifesto
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#ManifestYourGreatness! Here is Curl Manifesto, the brand new Kérastase range (2021) dedicated to curls, frizzies and frizzy hair. Manifest your greatness; By expanding its expertise for the benefit of the most demanding hair, Kérastase is becoming the ultimate reference for better defined and more hydrated curls. At the heart of this innovative range, the power of moisturizing Manuka honey and cementitious ceramide for a perfect combination of hydration, definition and strength. Because Kérastase knows that curly hair is the most demanding of all hair types, Kérastase also knows that we can only count on intensive and precise care to give it strength and beauty. At the heart of the Curl Manifesto range, extreme passion, cutting-edge science and professional expertise. After 14 years of working alongside curl experts, scientists and developers and after more than 50 formulas tested by 600 women around the world, Kerastase proudly presents #CurlManifesto, the ultimate professional care for all curls and crimps. A line of 7 products for use at home and salon treatment, Curl Manifesto meets the desires and challenges of all women with wavy to curly, very curly and frizzy hair. With a unique combination of hydration, strength and definition, the range infuses intense care into all three types of curly hair. Moisturizing Manuka Honey Cementing Ceramide and Defining Glycerin combine to give curly hair 83% more hydration, 87% less breakage and 81% more definition.