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Offer prestige! DESSANGE Switzerland is associated with and offers you gift vouchers with 10% to 15% discounts. Gift vouchers are valid exclusively in salons located in: Lausanne (Lion-d'Or, Saint-François and Chailly), Pully, Morges, Marin, Martigny and Geneva (Avenue Pictet-de-Rochemont 8). An essential reference in terms of "Haute hairstyle", DESSANGE has been the sole Official Hairdressing Partner of the Cannes Film Festival for more than 30 years. In Switzerland and elsewhere, this exceptional heritage allows Dessange experts to use gestures and techniques that only the brand has the secret. The DESSANGE signature embodies French glamor and seduces fans of Parisian chic - bewitching blondes, volcanic brunettes and cheeky anonymous ... In Dessange salons, it is always a question of sublimating the woman in her entirety: cut, coloring, styling, makeup , Hair Spa, lines of hair products and much more. In addition, the French chic brand is known for its great mastery of color, especially for blond. Indeed, since the creation of the inimitable Californian Blond which made its reputation as an expert in this color, DESSANGE has constantly reinterpreted the blond with always this desire to illuminate the face of women: polar, solar, vanilla, sand or still nude, DESSANGE blondes are incomparable. What is more, DESSANGE considers color technicality to be a profession in its own right: the brand was the first to create the profession of colorist. Coloring techniques, like cutting techniques, are specific to DESSANGE salons and are taught exclusively in DESSANGE Training Centers.