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Zen hair, from roots to ends. Orofluido Asia Zen Control, a range that gives your hair all the peace of mind it deserves. A comprehensive and lasting care for hair with specific problems; frizz, coarse, damaged and unruly hair. Designed with great care, know-how and quality requirements, this line of products is available in four precious treatments to be used in combination for more results. On the program, "Zen Control Shampoo" and "Zen Control Conditioner" for daily use, as well as "Zen Control Mask" and "Zen Control Elixir" once or twice a week. What are the treatment goals of this Orofluido range? Fight frizz and lack of discipline, facilitate styling, relax and soften hair, take care of split ends and all deteriorated hair to help restore it. The watchword of this hairline; be zen, it shows on your hair!