A fragrance for every woman! Because having fun is priceless

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Perfume is a personal matter. Not everyone has the same preferences, and your wonderful citrus eau de toilette may displease some (elders), for the simple reason that the way you perceive and wear a perfume is unique. You might think that certain essential perfumes like Chanel N ° 5, J'adore Dior, Rive Gauche YSL, or Amor Amor Cacharel (and so many others) are sure values, but in terms of perfumery, as in cooking, tastes are specific to each! So, we asked ourselves the question that everyone is asking; how to find a perfume made for you? Your trips back and forth in a perfume department lead nowhere, after dozens of tests on dozens of testers, your sense of smell seems numb and your preferences are indefinable. Our advice: ask for samples of the perfumes that impressed you the most and test them on your skin for a few days! Depending on your natural scent, the acidity of your perspiration and your mood, the scents that you will test directly on you and over several days will reveal with great evidence whether or not they are right for you.