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Unavoidable, the make up palette, it is the favorite make up item of all the beauty grurus. But why, in fact? Makeup palettes are not only practical, they are also a beautiful object in themselves! Like real little jewels, the famous eyeshadow palettes are enviable; design, colors, materials, we can hardly resist in front of these so pretty "boxes" that are terribly trendy. A beautiful palette is not only the promise of a successful makeup, but it is also a precious object that we like to show! The kind of makeup item that we like to leave open on our dressing table... But palettes also have other assets; the association of colors that is proposed in a palette allows harmonious creations with shades that are made to be combined! No need to break your head to find eyeshadows that go well together. Among the most popular palettes, there are palettes created by celebrities and influencers like Rihanna (Fenty Beauty), Huda Beauty, Kylie Jenner, Jeffree Star, Sananas, etc.