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Your eyes not only have the merit of reflecting your soul but also of lending themselves perfectly to the most varied makeup looks. And it's a good thing, because if there is a part that we can't forget to make up, it's the eyes! A touch of mascara, a dapper faded look, a thin line of eyeliner, a gradation of shades, a hint of creamy eyeliner, a deep smoky eye, discreet points of light, or even sparse glitter, a shower of glitters... Unlike lipsticks and other lipsticks, eye makeup can be learned and practiced on demand, because it always adapts to the shape and color of the eyes. Whether you have almond eyes, droopy eyes or round eyes, your choice and use of eye makeup products is personalized and your makeup routine, like your gestures, is always adapted to the nature of your eyes, your tastes and your sense of style. Bluety offers you a selection of high quality make-up products with the latest trends and innovations in terms of wear, quality of components and design.