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We can't tell you enough: the complexion is the foundation! The complexion is the most present and visible element on a face, so it is with a lot of precaution, attention and good habits that we must take care of it and make it more beautiful. Forget about concealing the entire face with a good layer of foundation that is too dark and hastily applied to a face that is not sufficiently moisturized, or about contouring too forcefully, or showering on too much glittery highlighter! It's time for good taste, and if you don't want to be late, it's high time to turn to a natural, fresh, healthy and worked complexion! Let's start at the beginning: a successful complexion is achieved gently and sparingly and always with cosmetics that are adapted in terms of color, texture and composition. To keep things simple, choose a foundation of the right color (i.e. slightly lighter than your skin tone), choose a texture that best suits your skin type (fluid with a mattifying effect for oily skin, cream for normal to dry skin, powder for skin without imperfections... ), keep an eye on the ingredients so as not to have any unpleasant surprises (allergies, oils that can be greasy...) and find the most adequate and hygienic way to apply your beloved foundation.