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Makeup accessories : Did you know that the rendering of your eyeshadow depends essentially on the quality of your makeup brush? The same goes for your foundation. You can invest in the most spectacular palette, but if you don't have brushes worthy of the name, your makeup won't live up to your expectations. Investing in beautiful brushes, sponges, blenders and others, is the guarantee to succeed in the application of your makeup with precision, efficiency, and especially, with a rendering that is quite different. As far as brushes are concerned, there are brushes for every stage of makeup application (foundation brushes, blush brush, highlighter brush, lip brush, eyeshadow brush, concealer brush, loose powder brush, etc., etc.). How to find the best makeup brush? Several criteria to look at; the density of the bristles, the nature of the bristles (synthetic or not), the softness and flexibility of the bristles and the way they are anchored in the handle of the brush (some bristles don't hang well at the base so they are more likely to fall out). Last (super) important point: you should never buy a brush without a suitable cleaning product! And above all, you wash your brush...