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Do you know the story behind Wella hair products? Wella hair products have probably caught your eye by now if you've been to a hairdressing salon in Switzerland even once. Very popular in this country, the Wella brand is (almost) an authority in professional hair care, and more particularly in terms of coloring. Many salons now work with Wella products which are highly regarded for their qualities. One of the strengths of this German brand lies in its excellent mastery of hair colorings; WELLA hair colors are in fact often considered exceptional, with a particularly natural finish on all hair. Wella products are therefore a wise choice for hairdressers who have mastered color at their fingertips (or rather their hair…). The excellence of Wella products probably lies in the history that gave birth to this brand. Originally, there was a family business and a hairdresser; 1880, Franz Ströher wanted to emancipate the possibilities of hairdressers by creating products and techniques designed to allow hairdressing to become more creative and more liberated ... In 1924, Wella developed one of the first hot perms (hot waves), real innovation that will make the brand better known, its astounding avant-gardism and its crazy ambition. Wella has never stopped innovating since. Today, she is an emblem in hair fashion, creating not only care, colors and products dedicated to hair beauty, but also trends, lookbooks and unique techniques that hairdressers love.