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WeDo Professional: the eco-ethical haircare brand that you absolutely must discover. This brand derived from Wella starts from a "simple" and very obvious principle: today, beauty products should no longer be a threat to the planet and to health. Beyond this pretty precept, WeDo Professional strives to do everything in its power to move towards safer and more respectful products, without sacrificing quality; top-of-the-range, care dedicated in particular to hairdressers, in short, professional quality and results on par with the most popular hair care products. Far from the dilemma that would like natural hair products to necessarily ignore the beauty that the hair can achieve, WeDo Professional develops products that give amazing results, while having for granted responsible commitments such as: cruelty Free International approved, certified by the Vegan Society, natural origin, no sulfate, no silicone, dermatologically tested, 100% recyclable, professional performance, fights ocean plastic. Co-developed with scientists Wella Operations US LLC, WeDo Professional treatments appeal to hairdressers and consumers for their unstoppable ethics and excellent quality.