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The SAEM Aloe Vera gel; what you need to know about this made in Korea product! One would be tempted to say that the packaging speaks for itself; we are on K-Beauty, that goes without saying. But what is the specificity of this product? Aloe vera, ladies and gentlemen. Very popular and widely used in Korea, it is found in cosmetics, drinks and food. Most often, what is used in aloe vera is this (famous!) Viscous and transparent gel that comes from the leaves. And this gel is what you find in The SAEM Aloe Vera gel (in particular). But why would your skin want aloe vera gel toast? Because this plant has an immediate, obvious and sensational action on the skin; Very popular with oily / combination skin, aloe vera gel regulates sebum production and has an astringent action that tightens ports and increases the matt appearance of the skin. Beyond these valuable benefits, aloe vera acts naturally on the skin's surface by increasing its production of fibroblasts, the cells that help renew collagen. The SAEM gel allows you to enjoy the precious benefits of aloe vera for healthy glowing skin. The (big) little extra? The ingredient list of The SAEM Aloe vera gel begins with "Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract", which means that of all the ingredients that make up this cosmetic, the main and most prevalent element is aloe vera.