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How and why the Schwarzkopf brand revolutionized hair cosmetics. You may have wondered what the beauty routine of women (and men) looked like a hundred years ago ...? How did people wash their hair in 1900? While liquid shampoos seem to have been a part of our tradition forever, we sometimes forget that hair products weren't always what they are today. Back in the day, it was customary to use the same soap for body and hair. A classic soap, in itself, which sometimes was enriched with oils. It was in 1903 that a small revolution took place in the beauty industry: a brand of Berlin origin launched a hair product unlike any other. Powder shampoo was born. This hair product dissolves in water to give shape to a washing product similar to the modern shampoos we use today. To whom do we owe this innovation? Schwarzkopf. Born at the end of the 19th century, this brand created by Hans Schwarzkopf offers innovative and high-performance hair care. In 1989, the creator of the brand developed hair colors, medicines and perfumes in his small independent “drugstore”. While the powder shampoo he developed was already a great success, it quickly followed the creation of a liquid shampoo that would be distributed in the European market. The years go by and the Schwarzkopf brand becomes international, having never stopped inventing flagship products such as “Taft” spray hairspray, “Re-Nature” (self-pigmented coloring for gray hair) or even ColorExpert kits. which allow you to achieve professional quality coloring yourself. Schwarzkopf's leitmotif? Take different paths, innovate, never stay on preconceived ideas. Among the latest Schwarzkopf novelties, we find "Only Love", a permanent hair color that is both gentle and demanding: no ammonia, no silicones, and no alcohol. In addition to this unique formula, Schwarzkopf "Olny Love" hair colors contain oat milk, soy protein and argan oil. And now Schwarzkopf innovates again!