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Hair, make-up, Revlon and Revlon Professional products are everywhere, or almost (available in Switzerland on, of course). Our favorites ? "Nutri Color Creme" (intense colorings that heal in depth) and "Equave - Volumizing Detangling Heart Conditioner" (leave-in detangling treatment for fine hair). Revlon is a bit like the American brand par excellence which nevertheless remains very discreet in Europe. Known and widely used by many Americans (seniors), Revlon products are nonetheless essential cosmetics that hairdressers and make up artists love. “In our factories, we make cosmetics. In stores, we sell hope. Said Charles Revons, the creator of the brand. Still relevant ? Your turn to judge. Either way, one can only underline the basic philosophy that gave birth to Revlon, its products, its DNA; no question of starlets and other models for the promotion of the brand, Revlon chooses American women, "real". Revlon wants to sublimate women, all women, and not just those who meet the beauty criteria of the time. On the posters of the 1950s, we therefore see little-known models, women "all that is more normal", far from icons of the time such as Brigitte Bardot or Ingrid Bergman. Back to the products: make up, hair care and nail polish make up the Revlon catalog. So many products whose prices remain accessible and the quality astounding. Regarding Revlon hair products, the choice is (very) wide and we find daily care but also professional products - Revlon Professional - such as colorings, oxidants, etc.