The riches of nature and the expertise of hairdressing as sources of beauty.


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Phytodess is a professional hair care brand specializing in natural & responsible products. The name of the brand - "PHYTODESS" - is probably derived from the Latin term "phyto", which means plant, plant and bud at the same time. Masks, shampoos, creams, concentrates and all other Phytodess products stand out from other hair care products because they are natural AND professional quality. As such, they are mainly used in the prestigious Dessange Paris hairdressing salons. Using Phytodess hair products means encountering rare and extremely rich ingredients; buriti, desert date oil, sandalwood, illipe butter, white tea, peppermint, clay, karanja oil, and many other ingredients carefully chosen and harvested to be incorporated into the heart of every Phytodess product. In addition, these products have a majority of assets of natural origin and a controlled and united sourcing promoting respect for biodiversity and the development of a local economy. For 20 years, Phytodess has not ceased to reaffirm its constant progress towards more virtuous naturalness inside and outside its formulas: by the increasingly high concentration of natural ingredients in its care, by the choice rigorous of its suppliers, by the high traceability of each asset present in its formulas, but also by the attention paid to its environmental and societal impact in a global and responsible reflection for the planet.