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The Peggy Sage brand has proudly carried the name of its ingenious creator for almost 100 years! Known around the world today, Peggy Sage products have captured the hearts of all women and men who love beauty, color and quality. The greatest achievement of this American brand? Having established itself as a benchmark in cosmetics and nail beauty both among private individuals and professionals who both use and claim these products since 1925. 1925, it is precisely at this period that the history of this brand created by a woman whose ambition, talent and perseverance rival the most modern feminists. Because the originality and the quality of the varnishes that Peggy Sage created at that time were not enough to really conquer the market, the determined young woman has the grandiose idea of ​​making herself known by getting closer to women ambassadors to whom she offers manicures at private meetings. And so it was that a few years later several trade fairs flourished in the United States, then across the Atlantic, then across the world. Inspiring, you say? It doesn't end there. Essentially composed of nail polish originally, the Peggy Sage catalog has evolved and today offers hundreds of beauty products including makeup, facials, body care, professional accessories, men's care and much more. To date, the brand can boast of having created and marketed some 180 colors and a thousand and one textures. As we approach the 100th anniversary of the brand, which will be celebrated in 2025, we already bow to the unique and inspiring story of the Peggy Sage signature, which seems very far from retiring.