Orofluido is a hair care brand that focuses on awakening the senses and the magic of beauty rituals. Distant lands, ancestral gestures and traditions are at the heart of these products created to offer you a journey to the heart of pleasure and beauty. Perhaps even more than certain brands, Orofluido shampoos and other treatments are designed with a priority given to scents. It is about escape and sensory pleasure; all Orofluido hair products have particularly pleasant and very specific odors. Amber, vanilla, woody and bewitching scents are sublimated with precious alloys containing noble oils such as argan oil, linseed oil or even tigernut oil. At Orofluido, it is therefore not just a matter of deeply caring for the hair, but also of perfuming it with unique, delicate and beneficial scents. Through the “Asia” and “Amazonia” ranges, the Orofluido brand still stands out with hair products developed with very specific objectives: “exceptional frizz control, elasticity and softness” for Asia-Zen, as well as "Intense repair, reconstruction and body" for the treatments of the Amazonia range. Another flagship product of this brand of professional hair products, the essential "Original Elixir" which protects, nourishes and heals the hair while providing it with an absolutely breathtaking velvet texture.