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Natural Pigma haircare under the microscope; for who ? Why ? Rather "discreet" brand, Natural Pigma is primarily attached to hairdressing salons, if not to professional salon chains. Let's face it, Natural Pigma products are kind of the well-kept secret of professional hairdressers. Unlike most hair product lines / brands, Natural Pigma does not necessarily aim for targeted hair type specific treatment. Explanations; Natural Pigma hair products are not designed with primary purposes such as; moisturize dry hair, support curls and curly hair, give volume to fine hair, etc. No, the reason for Natural Pigma products is THE COLOR! With the almost exclusive mission of treating / correcting hair color, Natural Pigma treatments concentrate all their efforts to satisfy this noble task. And this is where the strength of this brand of professional hair products lies; she doesn't pretend to do everything, but what she does, she does (really) well. This is probably why Natural Pigma shampoos, treatments and other products offer an effectiveness that exceeds most treatments designed to revive color. These products make it possible to obtain a particularly natural result and a more vivid color, full of relief and radiance. A very judicious choice not to let its color hold, and to maintain for a long time a coloring which seems freshly carried out. Natural Pigma treatments are also appreciated because they do not provide oxidation. With a wide range of products, Natural Pigma treatments are available for all colors (from white to the darkest brown). The little extra? Prodigious formulations that respect the hair fiber.