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The lines of Minima[liste]


Cosmetics from the Minima brand [list], treatments that go to the essentials and are designed to heal. They are organic, minimalist, contain very few ingredients, but they are also vegan, 100% natural, made in neighboring France and eco-responsible. Many qualities, and criteria very seriously defined and implemented because for the brand of cosmetics Minima [list], certain principles are inviolable! We are on “Green” products, and on really clean, pure and non-chemical compositions. But Minima [list] skincare products still have a 'little' extra, and not just any. It is precisely this detail that makes this ultra-organic, non-chemical and 100% natural brand STILL an advantage over others; Minima brand products [list] do not contain water. And what does that change ...? These skincare products are more hydrating, more effective, and much better formulated. Indeed, since these products are not "diluted" in water, they are purer, more concentrated and more effective, quite simply. You should also know that water is often unnecessary and ineffective in cosmetics, but rather a "filling ingredient" intended to fill the packaging more than anything else. In addition, cosmetics formulated without water do not need preservatives (because preservatives are absolutely essential when the composition contains water). You will understand, the balms, oils, scrubs and other products of the brand Minima [list] are prodigious care whose composition is reduced to what is strictly necessary. Their effects on the skin are astounding, and that is most certainly because they are so carefully crafted. Harmless, natural and "raw" ingredients to give the skin what it needs, and that's it.