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One thing all Maybelline New York makeup items have in common is that they are essential "beauty tools" when you start to put on makeup. It is a well-known and particularly popular brand in Switzerland. Correct prices, innovative products and above all; a quality that is authentic! Founded in Chicago in 1915, the Maybelline brand is the brainchild of a man (Tom Lyle Williams) who was inspired by the beauty rituals of his sister, a certain "Mabel". This woman used to apply a mixture of petroleum jelly mixed with charcoal on her eyelashes to make them dense and thicker, a mixture that inspired her brother to market a compact mascara sold with a brush in a small aluminum case. What about the brand name? It is sort of a portmanteau word with the first name "Mabel" and a derivative of "Vaseline"; Maybelline! More than a hundred years after the brand's debut, Maybelline New York is a benchmark in makeup. This brand has always understood what the needs of women are with tremendous anticipation: Maybelline creates products that are avant-garde and this very precious asset appeals to an ever wider audience. At bestseller level? We cannot miss the famous “Instant Anti-age corrector / concealer” which is the best-selling corrector in Switzerland! We also fall for the “Super Stay Matte Ink”, matte lipsticks with incomparable results that last a very long time.