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Lindsay & co masks review; what if Korean skincare really made a difference? These are face masks, but mostly they are a big trend; the Lindsay & Co brand places these products, these packaging and its mode of communication on a trend which is fast becoming the best way to take care of its skin; Korean skincare and its “Korean Cosmetics”, let's see! But what do these masks do to your skin, anyway? A bit of everything, if we are to believe the indications on the colored packaging. Whether it is to shape, hydrate, treat irregularities, purify, detoxify, smooth or give bounce, Lindsay & co masks are not chosen at random because their effects are often very specific! Our favorite? The "Moisture Skin Balance" spirulina mask or "Hydrating spirulina face massage mask". We open the bag, we mix the powder with a little water, and now a smooth and fragrant paste appears! When dry, the mask is reminiscent of the texture of rubber that is very easily removed with a "peel-of" gesture. This spirulina mask is for skin lacking in hydration and acne prone. Capable of absorbing excess sebum and deeply purifying the pores, it is also a valuable source of essential trace elements for beautiful and healthy skin. Spirulina also allows the skin to regain its suppleness and radiance, and to regenerate these cells.