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The Secrets of Eglantine; between massage candles and cellulite suction cups, discover well-being through articles unlike any other. The secrets of Rosehip are wellness and beauty products that are simple, very effective and original. The bestseller of this independent brand? Massage candles with 100% natural oils! We love ! And we will even go so far as to say that your massage techniques will be much more pleasant if you equip yourself with a massage candle from Les secrets d´Églantine. But how is it used? And why do massage enthusiasts favor the use of candles that turn into oils for massage? The concept is simple; we light the massage candle, we wait a few minutes (seven minutes at the most), and now the base of the candle turns into a liquid, creamy and scented oil, of which we will pour a few drops on the part of the body that we want to massage. Beyond the well-being that these candles provide, they nourish and enhance the skin, which becomes particularly soft and delicately scented. All you have to do is choose the scent of the candle; Speculoos, Lotus flower, Passion fruit, White tea, Polynesian tiare, etc. ... Beyond the highly regarded candles of this unique brand, Les Secrets d´Églantine has created a new kind of accessory to reduce cellulite. In fact, the "Bye Bye Cellulite Cup" suction cup allows you to perform a "palpate-roll" massage, known for its ability to dislodge cellulite. To discover absolutely!