Protection intime


Lamazuna offers you alternatives to disposable sanitary protection to save money and regain your freedom!



In this category, find out how to store or transport your cosmetics! The incredible bathroom organizer to preserve and extend the life of all your zero waste cosmetics, or the upcycled fabric pouch to carry them everywhere with you.

Soin du corps


Everything you need to take care of your body in zero waste mode!

Soin du visage


Natural for your face! Discover here all our solid cosmetics and sustainable accessories that take care of your face without creating waste.


Lamazuna; what is behind this brand which invented “eco-friendly” products. But yes it is clear ; we are talking about organic, safe and natural care, which is ecological and economical. Dry shampoos, solid facial cleansers, solid deodorants, so many products that (almost) everyone is familiar with today. But there you have it, ten years ago, the rare brands that took on the challenge of manufacturing cosmetics with "flawless" compositions and impacts were rare. And among the precursors of natural cosmetics, there is Lamazuna. Lamazuna is a French brand that creates beauty / skincare products that you have probably already seen the packaging. But above all, they are natural products, zero waste, safe for the body and the planet. And it does not stop there. Because these treatments are also organic, vegan and formulated only with 100% natural ingredients. Yes but what does that mean exactly? You should know that at Lamazuna, products are manufactured and distributed with an ethical code which is "uncompromising". We are far, very far from Greenwashing. Founded ten years ago, the brand with the little zebra has always been faithful to its values ​​and commitments. As the founder says, the people behind Lamazuna products are “aware, proactive, humanistic and engaged. ". If you want to protect your health (no more chemical ingredients) and protect the environment, in short, if you want to have a clear conscience; go for Lamazuna!