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Because you worth it

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False Lash


XXL doe eyes: L'Oréal Paris False Lash Bambi Oversized Eye mascara gives you a bewitching doe look with a lifting and oversized eyelash effect.

Mega Volume


Mega Volume has never been so light: get intense, yet light-as-air Mega Volume - for a mega effect without weighing it down. Air Volume Mega Mascara: more than just a mascara - a real experience!

Paradise Extatic


Lash Paradise Moonlight Noir assicura ciglia dall'aspetto naturale con un volume intenso in colori tenui. La formula con oli preziosi nutre le ciglia. Adatto anche per occhi sensibili.

Unlimited Mascara


Volume Million Lashes


Volume Million Lashes Balm Noir: the first balm in mascara from L'Oréal Paris with a nourishing balm and 99% natural ingredients. For eyelashes up to 7x more voluminous, visibly fuller and stronger


L’Oréal Paris: "Because you are worth it"… Well known to all, has this sentence even been understood? Whether you use it or not, L’Oréal Paris make-up, like the brand itself, is known to everyone. Empire of beauty (and the world's leading group, please!), L'Oréal remains a figure, if not THE figure, of reference in terms of beauty ... and emancipation. Qesako? With a very serious head start over its competitors of the time, L'Oréal never skimped on the means to provide women with makeup products whose quality "made the difference". From then on, L’Oréal Paris had to speak to its audience in a language as innovative as the products. And now the famous L’Oréal slogan "Because I’m Worth it" was born. The twist stems from the creativity of Ilon Specht, a young copywriter who scribbles it on a piece of paper, getting a little nervous. Although intended primarily for hair dyes, this phrase was quickly used in all of the brand's communication media, whose assertive language clashed with the advertisements of the time, often stereotypical, if not sexist, etc. … In a way, Ilon Specht, the woman behind the famous L'Oréal slogan wrote “Because I'm Worth it” in response to the cliché campaigns of the time (1973), whose words reflected too often a simplistic and very superficial vision of the woman who was then used in advertising as a pure object of desire, a consumer with no character except that of pleasing. Building on this history, the L’Oréal Paris brand has taken advantage of its origins, making in its own way products that are appreciated for their excellent quality and reasonable price.