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We decipher the mystery behind the Egyptian Magic balm and the why and how everyone tears off this strange product. Egyptian Magic; “Life takes from those who take and gives from those who give. Above all, honor your promises. This is what we find on the packaging of the Egyptian Magic balm. Here we are warned. But what is our opinion on Egyptian Magic balm…? Subject to a good layer of Egyptian mysticism, Egyptian Magic has created a product ... magical. And the product in question is a multi-purpose balm. Before looking at its virtues, let's take a look at its composition. 6 ingredients, no more, no less. Here is the magic formula; Olive oil, beeswax, honey, pollen, royal jelly and propolis wax. All these ingredients are "raw", natural, without preservatives, paraben and ESPECIALLY, without chemical ingredients. Maybe that’s why it’s magic… after all. But back to serious matters; What's the point !? The first function of Egyptian Magic cream (or balm, it's up to you…) is to treat skin problems. Irregularities, scars (shallow), stretch marks, redness, eczema, acne, dryness, pimples, small wounds, irritations, so many whims of which Egyptian Magic will only bite. With this balm, all these worries are reduced, corrected, or even completely treated. In addition - and of course - Egyptian Magic provides extreme hydration and a very (yes very) rich nourishing action. This is mainly due to the presence of olive oil and honey. As for the healing properties, this can be attributed to the presence of honey, known for its exceptional restorative action on the surface of damaged skin. No need to combine facial care products, apply a generous layer of Egyptian Magic balm every night. And now, when you wake up, your skin is smoother, softer, more plump, more uniform, healthier and perfectly hydrated.