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Dr. Bronner’s soaps; why your shower gels are worthless. They have been making soaps their livelihood since 1858, but ESPECIALLY, they understood that this staple product would always remain a must and that no shower gel could claim to dethrone good "old" premium soap. The common thread of Dr. Bronner’s brand soaps? Soaps that are good for the body and for the planet, as “pure” as possible, and developed with uncompromising criteria; no foaming agents, no thickeners, no mineral oils, 100% biodegradable, always vegan and with 100% recycled packaging. Beyond these qualities, Dr. Bronner’s soaps proudly claim their very varied skills; 1 soap = 18 functions! Because we would tend to forget that our good old bar of soap (or liquid soap) is above all a precious ally of personal hygiene, but also of the maintenance of the house, the dishes, etc. … It is therefore not without forgetting this principle that Dr. Bronner's strives to develop soaps which are capable of: washing the body, hands, hair, perfuming the bath, removing stubborn stains from clothes, used as makeup remover, to be used as a laundry product, to be used as a natural shampoo for dogs, to be used as a cleaning product for the house (windows, floors, objects, shower…), and much more! Opting for a Dr. Bronner ’brand soap is choosing to save on products that you are used to stacking up, which are sometimes as disadvantageous for the planet as they are for your health. The products of the Dr. Bronner's brand are not only very respectful and natural, but also multifunction, ie smarter and more responsible! The only thing left to do is choose from the huge selection of products that Dr. Bronner’s has to offer; liquid soaps (available in perfumes for all tastes), soaps, sugar soaps, lip balms, toothpastes, hand sprays, "magic balms" ...