Braun, where electricity works for your hair. Unmissable brand, known above all for its electric razors and epilators. BrAun (and his capital A!) Is a key player in the field of beauty and the devices dedicated to it. At Braun, we make a bit of everything (small household appliances), but above all enough to clean, thin out and maintain the body, its hair, its hair and everything else; hair dryers, electric razors for men and women, face brushes, etc. In its early days, Braun manufactured components for radio sets. These small parts which took place in the "cogs" of the radios of 1960 allowed the brand to acquire great know-how and lynx precision. From these small and ingenious electrical elements, the desire to design an entire device was born. If razors, dental hygiene devices and epilators manufactured by Braun are authoritative, it is because these accessories are particularly powerful. Durable, functional, ergonomic and intelligently designed, Braun devices for men and women have proven their mastery and sense of innovation for several years. Another quality much appreciated by Braun products; an innate sense of design! With a leitmotif that tends towards "less but better", Braun designers design products with timeless, refined and minimalist designs.