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Volumizing range for fine hair
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1000 ml
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Deep cleansing

Care for all hair and scalp types


Moisturizing range for dry hair


Young and avant-garde, the Authentic Beauty Concept brand recently landed in the realm of beauty with a strong and unwavering conviction; authentic beauty is natural and simple. From this statement was born the desire to offer pure and unique hair products, with a composition that is as flawless as possible. Co-created with unique hairdressers, Authentic Beauty Concept hair products are vegan and cruelty-free. But it doesn't end there. These prodigious treatments respond to a minimalist philosophy and they are therefore designed with the fewest ingredients possible (no more filling ingredients). The ingredients present are therefore very carefully chosen (free of sulphates, parabens, etc.), but they are also as close to nature as possible, soft, non-corrosive, non-dangerous and free from unsavory chemical components.